2008 - 2008


Briefing Paper on Lessons from Different Policy Approaches for REDD

In August 2008, a round of United Nations climate change negotiations took place in Accra, Ghana, from 21-27 August. The Accra Climate Change Talks took forward work on a strengthened and effective international climate change deal under the UN Framework Convention on Climate Change, as well as work on emission reduction rules and tools under the Kyoto Protocol. LTS International was commissioned under DEW Point, the DFID Resource Centre for Environment, Water and Sanitation, which is managed by a consortium of companies led by Harewelle International Limited, for a short assignment, to compile a technical paper for DFID representatives present at this UNFCCC Africa group meeting. The briefing note included a review of the current policy issues concerning REDD followed by an analysis of the future issues and opportunities for Africa under varying REDD approaches.

Clients: Department for International Development




Date: 2008

Keywords: DFID, climate change, REDD

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