LTS’ work on sustainable land use, climate change and governance calls for integrated thinking across the disciplines, including water science.   Our water resource management expertise and support of land husbandry practice brings major benefits to hydrology in the form of blue and green water, whilst at the same time sequestering carbon and conserving biodiversity. Those benefits are relevant to a broad set of stakeholders and represent a form of optimising natural resource management.  Through developing the concept with stakeholders and supporting behaviours that shift from competitive to cooperative strategies, new and alternative scenarios of water resource use can be considered. These provide entry points to realise equitable utilisation and effective water sharing.

LTS provides specialised consulting services to the water sector through intelligent and innovative approaches that are grounded in extensive knowledge and practical understanding. Our research and development activities mean we can bring to the client state of the art responses and a broad professional practice with relevant experience in integrated water resources management (IWRM). An obvious benefit of this approach is that we can catalyse innovative responses to complex interdisciplinary natural resource management challenges through a team based approach.



Today at #2019EvalPrague we have been presenting on our experience with earth observation for evaluation.… https://t.co/cz1XPp8pqc
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