Sustainable Land Use

For over 40 years, LTS has been a lead advisor in the sustainable land use sector, providing technical expertise related to forest governance, trade, land use, natural resource management and sustainable forestry. Agricultural expansion, while often a cornerstone of economic development policy, is also the most important driver of deforestation, accounting for 10% of global greenhouse gas emissions. A key focus of natural resources development is consequently on enabling developing countries to balance social, economic and environmental priorities in managing their forests.

At LTS we have a unique breadth of experience in terms of sectoral scope, length of time active in the sector and extensive geographical experience. We have substantial, proven experience in contributing to highly complex forest and land use initiatives. This enables us to develop truly insightful, holistic and pragmatic solutions that meet our clients’ needs.

We provide our expertise across closely linked service clusters, working at a range of scales, from support to donors and partner governments in relation to national processes and intervention design to development of technical methodologies to evaluation of global initiatives:


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