LTS has substantial, proven experience in contributing to highly complex forest and land use initiatives. We offer comprehensive services at a range of scales, from support to donors and partner governments in relation to national processes and intervention design to development of technical methodologies to evaluation of global initiatives.  We offer a comprehensive range of services to support forest and landscape scale interventions, from land cover, land use and land use change assessments, to the scenarios and baseline development for guiding the identification of management options, to technical greenhouse gas emissions measurement methodologies.  our team of experts specialise in supporting policy and institutional reform, sustainable commodity use and trade, commercial investments and change management. They help public and private sector actors to adapt and work towards sustainable forest and land management.

  • Support to National and Jurisdictional REDD+ Processes: We use inclusive, participatory methods to develop national REDD+ strategies, manage multi-stakeholder decision making processes, undertake policy gap assessments, identify capacity needs and to identify options and opportunities for interventions.
  • Participatory Forest Management and Sustainable Livelihoods: LTS has considerable experience using participatory forest management practices to encourage local involvement in forest management, support local livelihoods of forest-dependent communities and help ensure sustainable forest management.
  • Technical Methodologies for Greenhouse Gas Emissions Accounting and Reporting: We provide technical inputs to methodology development in the Agriculture, Forests and Other Land Uses (AFOLU) Sector– from jurisdictional scale landscape methodologies as a basis for Results Based Payments through international climate finance mechanisms and initiatives, to small scale concession / project level methodologies.
  • Forest Sector Reform and Institutional Change: Our experts manage the implementation of institutional reform processes, including changes in institutional arrangements, policy development and coordination processes and regulation of forestry issues, as well as on field level forest and woodland management and utilisation practises. We can enable the establishment of coordination and capacity to deliver quality forestry products and services and improve the management of forest resources.
  • Formulation of Forest Sector Interventions: The LTS team provides a range of services, from identification and formulation of donor programmes to investment planning for forest resources. At the donor country programme level, LTS can undertake analysis of forest sector needs and opportunities, preparation of concept notes, to formulation of programme documents. LTS staff can also undertake all services needed for planning of forest investments, from scoping, to investment plan preparation and development of investment proposals.
  • Forest Governance and Policy: Using appropriate governance tools, we can analyse forest sector governance at all levels and pinpoint the areas requiring improvements and actionable interventions for reforms. We support national governments to develop appropriate forestry policy and procedures. We offer specialist advice for FLEGT and public sector guidance on concession systems and contract management. We assess trends, political economy challenges and political and economic opportunities at national level in order to effectively direct international development investment.
  • Forest Certification: We develop policy, evaluation practices, and certification services, including field inspection and review of documentation. We support, evaluate and audit chain of custody systems (COCS) timber traceability systems from developing standards and codes of conduct. We also design and install software systems, piloting and rolling-out at a national scale robust national log tracking systems which meet LAS requirements.



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