LTS’ work on the environment incorporates our work on protected areas, biodiversity conservation and ecosystems and works closely with our other practices. LTS in-house experts have extensive knowledge and expertise in management of a range of ecosystems and biomes including tropical forests, savannah grasslands, water basins, wetlands, coastal habitats including forests, montane ecosystems and agro-ecosystems. Our global exposure, knowledge and expertise give us this unique ability to blend the social, economic and environmental considerations into society’s aims for sustainable development.  In the developing world, large proportions of the population are directly reliant on the environment for their livelihoods and well-being. With increasing loss of biodiversity and ecosystem function affecting not only the poorest, but also the economic potential of these countries to trade, managing the environment is essential to cope with an ever increasing global population.   We work in partnership with clients worldwide to develop solutions to challenges in managing ecosystems and biodiversity – particularly from the perspective of effective conservation and retaining and/or improving the well being of humans reliant on these ecosystems.

Our approach to biodiversity and ecosystems recognises the often undervalued services that functioning ecosystems provide to the world’s poor. We also recognise the common inequities felt by the world’s poor by measures designed to conserve and degrade ecosystems. It is often the poorest that bear the greatest burden given their heavy reliance on ecosystems for livelihoods.


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