Climate Change and Low Carbon Economy

The Paris Agreement calls for the combined efforts of governments and non-state actors to limit climate change. Countries, along with companies, cities and non-governmental organisations, will contribute to implementing the agreed climate goals. Governments need to understand their responsibilities with regards to the international agreement, and to track the impacts of their actions against global progress. Companies and sector organisations need to understand what the Agreement means for them and their competitiveness.

LTS recognises climate change to be a serious long term threat to societies and their sustainable development and we provide assessment, reviews and practical, adaptation and mitigation strategies to support communities and systems to cope with the effects of climate change.

Land use change, mostly deforestation, accounts for 18-25% of global annual greenhouse gas emissions and our climate change adaptation services are linked to our sustainable land use work, through which we offer carbon mitigation services covering sequestration, modelling and forest carbon management at company and governmental levels.  


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