LTS has been working in land management for over 40 years. Our agriculture expertise includes identifying entry points for improving smallholder livelihoods, providing advice on appropriate extension methods for reaching farmers affordably and at scale, and on integrating agriculture with other environmental and land management goals. Through developing investment proposals, vulnerability assessments, value chain and market system analyses we help our clients to understand the changing landscape of national and international agricultural policy. 

Our work covers a wide spectrum of related services: 

  • Agricultural Policy: We assess trends, political economy challenges and political and economic opportunities at national level in order to effectively direct international development investment. We also provide support to national government to develop appropriate policy and institutional capacity to achieve their goals.
  • Land use planning / crop zoning assessments: We can use a range of data sources to identify crop suitability for different areas, both now and in the future. Our in-house remote-sensing and GIS capability can monitor these criteria over time.
  • Sector selection and market system / value chain analysis: Depending on your objectives (accessing new sources of supply, improving social outcomes, poverty reduction, gender equality), we can investigate agricultural markets and identify appropriate entry points for agricultural investments.
  • Extension advice: Getting messages to farmers is a major challenge. We can provide country-level analysis of appropriate extension tools and assess existing extension approaches for their suitability for your objectives. This includes gender and social inclusion objectives.  



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