Our People

LTS has built a committed and professional team of in-house consultants with diverse and sought after expertise.

Throughout our years of experience, we have worked to develop an extensive pool of close associates and partners, in addition to an excellent network of professionals. This combination of in-house and external expertise means that we can provide functional teams of people, tailored to the unique requirements of each client. Our teams combine complementary skills and abilities and often have previously worked together – a great start to an effective and efficient assignment!

Patrick Abbot
Managing Director
Rebecca Adler
Principal Consultant
Ankit Agarwal
William Apted
Senior Consultant
Hannah Betts
Tillem Burlace
Principal Consultant
Lucy Brealey
Senior Consultant: M&E
Linda Cowan
Business Development Analyst
Fiona Donnelly
Finance Manager
Valentine Gandhi
Co Founder and Special Advisor NIRAS Data Futures Hub
Scott Geller
Eleanor Green
FWU Analyst
Louisa Hamilton
Project & Systems Accountant
Graham Haylor
Prosperity Fund Deputy Team Leader
Angela Henderson
Finance Officer
Brendan Howard
Business Development Manager
Kimberly Kerr
HR Coordinator
Lesley King
Senior Consultant
Sarah Knight
Philippa Lincoln
Principal Consultant
Matthew McConnachie
Senior Consultant
Simon Mercer
Principal Consultant
Callum Murdoch
Senior Consultant
Rebecca Murray
Senior Consultant
Stephanie Nicholls
Office Administrator
Linzi Ogden
Darwin and IWT Finance and Administration
Jane Petty
Principal Consultant
Sandy Picken
Senior Consultant
Victoria Pinion
Senior Consultant
Nichola Plowman
NIRAS Framework Unit Project & Tender Manager
Heather Robison
Finance Director
Clarissa Samson
Matthew Shearing
Principal Consultant
Danny Smith
Senior Consultant
Kirsti Thornber
Managing Consultant
Lizzy Whitehead
Business Development Director (Agriculture, Climate, Land, Forestry)
Kirsty Wilson
Managing Consultant
Eilidh Young
Darwin Administrator and Applications Manager


We are hiring a Training and Events Administrator for the CSSF Fund. Please see https://t.co/E8fl1qAGEp for more in… https://t.co/jXv1Z2wXWw
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