Ralf Ernst, UN-REDD Programme Coordinator Tanzania

“In 2012, we worked twice with LTS International on implementing components of the UN-REDD National Programme in Tanzania. In each project, LTS international put together excellent teams with the right competencies and experience and the mix of national and international expertise that we needed. LTS International really managed to pick the right people for these jobs. We and our stakeholders highly valued the outputs of these projects. They were all published and are crucial for the further development of the REDD+ process and infrastructure in Tanzania.”

James Mayers, Head of Natural Resources Group, IIED

“It is good to work with LTS – they punch well above their weight.”

Richard Britton, Head of Forestry Authority and Regions, Forestry Commission, England

“We found LTS International to be a thorough, responsive and flexible consultancy when asked to undertake the first stocktake of England’s regional forestry strategies to inform our forward planning.”

Solomon Mwangi, NatureKenya

“I think of all the evaluations I have ever participated in yours (LTS) was very unique both in design and execution; a very good learning process for the team. We appreciate your very good thoughts on what we could add to improve the project.”

Ghana Research & Advocacy Programme David Brown, ODI

“The (LTS) programme management team is to be commended for the progress made, often in difficult circumstances.”

Mike Dudley, Head International Policy, Forestry Commission UK

“The review LTS International conducted for us on our National Forest Programme provided an excellent basis on which to take forward its revision. They identified its link to the key policy documents for the delivery of sustainable forest management in the UK but more importantly identified areas that would benefit from simplification, particularly in the area of information gathering.”

Raniero Leto, EC Delegation, Malawi

“Well done for an excellent job and setting a gold standard for management and communications, not just for Malawi!”

Sarah Nelson, DEFRA UK

“We all agree that this is an excellent piece of work. It is extremely thorough and your depth of knowledge on this topic is clearly evident. We also all agreed that it was very informative with well thought through analysis and conclusions.” Thematic Review of Darwin Initiative Projects.

Henri Stetter, Business planning TA on Medicinal Plants Project II

“Thank you very much for your always kind, prompt and professional assistance, it has TRULY been a real pleasure working with you and your team. I hope that we will have further opportunities to work together on other projects in the future.”

Paul van Gardingen, Head, Edinburgh International Development Centre

“LTS synthesized a large amount of technical information across a number of sectors (health, technology, science) to produce a much sought after, readable document. It captured and delivered our message really effectively, and certainly helped us engage with potential partners.”

Jenny Ward, Office of Climate Change, UK

“We are very impressed with the professional work produced in the tight time frame. Your work has exceeded our expectations.”


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