Supporting the Implementation of FLEGT Voluntary Partnership Agreement

This assignment aimed to contribute to the implementation of the Liberia Voluntary Partnership Agreement (VPA) with a specific focus on the legality assurance system (LAS) related measures in 2011-2012.

The key objectives were, in cooperation with the Liberian stakeholders, to make necessary preparations for establishing and operating two new Forestry Development Authority (FDA) units called i) Liberia Verification Department (LVD), that will be responsible for the legality verification functions and the Chain of Custody System (CoCS), and ii) Liberia Licensing Department (LLD), that will issue FLEGT licenses to the export consignments; draft procedures and plan data management systems of the LAS; assist in integrating in the LAS all timber products identified in the VPA Annex I and timber sources as identified in the VPA Annex II; and support the relevant regulatory reforms.

The outputs achieved consist of descriptions of institutional structures of FDA and various elements of the LAS, draft procedures for an operational LAS, terms of references, tender documents, cost estimates, work plans, workshops and administrative progress reports. LTS’ experts worked to ensure that there are a solid platform and state of preparedness for practical implementation of the LAS, in particular for an External Service Provider (ESP) that has been contracted on a Build, Operate and Transfer (BOT) basis to run the LVD on behalf of the FDA from 2013 onwards. It is expected that the LLD operations will be set up by (and within) the FDA with support of a technical advisor arranged through the ESP or another body. LTS also provided support for Liberian stakeholders to undertake the following activities:

  • Establishment of institutional structures for LAS implementation
  • Legality verification
  • Development of a chain of custody system
  • FLEGT Licensing

Program for Eastern Indonesia SME Assistance (PENSA 2) End of Facility Review

The PENSA 2 end-of-term review included activities undertaken by IFC-PENSA from July 2008 to December 2012. The review took place on two levels: i) a performance evaluation of the IFC-PENSA II program as a vehicle for delivering advisory services; and ii) programme evaluations centred on strategic themes of interest.

The review ensured accountability of IFC-PENSA towards donors and stakeholder and provided lessons learnt that will generate actionable recommendations. For the performance evaluation of IFC-PENSA 2, LTS and OPM made use of access to PENSA documentation, individual project Implementation Plans, Supervision Reports and Completion Reports, IEG evaluation notes and the yearly Client Surveys. The end-of-term review of IFC-PENSA 2 also draws on the mid-term and end-term reviews of IFC-PENSA 1, other evaluations, surveys and materials of active and closed projects, and relevant data sources.

The main method of investigation was a desk review supplemented by meetings with selected former and current IFC and World Bank staff, donors, project counterparts and other stakeholders. More in-depth analysis obtained from the program evaluations was also included in the review.

LTS has provided the Team Leader for this assignment who oversaw the assessment of the performance of PENSA 2 and the assessment of the performance of selected projects based their relevance; effectiveness; efficiency; impact; sustainability; additionality; and their consideration of cross-cutting issues. In addition to overseeing all technical aspects of assignment; the LTS Team Leader supervised field work; lead the sustainable forestry component evaluation; gave presentations to the client; and contributed to all deliverables.