Evaluation of Closed Darwin Initiative Projects Located in South Africa

This evaluation of closed projects in Southern Africa evaluated three projects that all, to a greater or lesser degree, achieved what they set out to achieve even if they had to take different paths than plannedĀ  in terms of activities to get there. The projects contributed to enabling South Africa and Southern Africa, implement, and monitor the implementation of, the CBD.

Photo credit: South Africa Tourism

Mid Term Review of Conservation Management Training and Capacity Building in Sub-Saharan Africa

On behalf of the Darwin ECTF Monitoring and Evaluation component, Patrick Abbot conducted a field visit to CEAD as part of a mid-term review of Darwin Project 13-002. The field visit was undertaken between 1st and 5th February 2006. Meetings and interviews were held with CEAD staff and management, University and Faculty management and with representatives of the provincial nature conservation organisation (EzemveloKZN Wildlife EKZNW). Pre-visit and follow-up discussions were held with ICPL in Aberystwyth, UK. The review aimed to assess the progress, achievements and future direction of the project against the original proposal and logical framework and identified lessons that would emerge from the project for the Darwin Initiative as a whole. This project aimed to develop a new distance learning Masters course in Protected Areas Management (PAM) to enable resident protected areas managers to develop their competence whilst remaining at their duty stations.