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Kirsti Thornber

MSc Forestry, Oxford University (UK) 1997; B.Sc. Ecology (Hons Forestry), Edinburgh University, 1992

Kirsti’s key expertise lies in bringing people together to learn, share their experience and improve their performance – through facilitated process and appropriate actions and products. She has over 13 years of experience at field and policy level, and understands the realities of the rural poor, state authorities and market drivers. Using collaborative skills in both public and private sectors, her work supports policy change and social development, and she has linked policy and practice in the challenging areas of community enterprise, local resource management, and national forest programmes. Her approach focuses on getting people to think beyond their own day-to-day in order to consider the wider impacts and potentials of what they do and how they could do it better. Kirsti has a personal mission to see knowledge become increasingly accessible – she is our champion on delivering “dissemination” services.

Service areas:
climate change