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LTS International provides specialised consulting services to the water sector through intelligent and innovative approaches that are grounded in extensive knowledge and practical understanding. Our research and development activities mean we can bring to the client state of the art responses and a broad professional practice. An obvious benefit of this approach is that we can catalyze innovative responses to complex interdisciplinary natural resource management challenges through a team based approach.

For example: good forestry practice brings major benefits to hydrology in the form of blue and green water, whilst at the same time sequestering carbon and conserving biodiversity. Those benefits are relevant to a very broad set of stakeholders and represent a form of optimising natural resource management.  Through developing the concept with stakeholders and supporting behaviours that shift from competitive to cooperative strategies, new and alternative scenarios of water resource use can be considered. These provide entry points to realise equitable utilisation and effective water sharing.

Much of LTS’ work on climate change and governance calls for integrated thinking across the disciplines, including water science.   Water security is a fundamental aspect of successful adaptation to climate change and our expertise in water resource management now means that we can address the challenge of adaptation based on a robust knowledge of operational and strategic water management in Africa.  Similarly, LTS’ work and experience on water governance in sub-Saharan Africa cross-fertilises our other work streams enhancing   our ability to advise, design, manage and evaluate effective and sustainable governance interventions

Nile Story
2014 - 2015

Implementation Service Provider for Catchment Management
2014 - 2018

Planning for Resilience in East Africa through Policy, Adaptation, Research, and Economic Development
2013 - 2018

Environmental and Natural Resources Management Interventions in the Middle Shire River Basin
2013 - 2014

Design of the Community Development Trust Fund Climate Change Programme
2013 - 2013

Integrated Flood Risk Management Plan for the Shire Basin
2012 - 2012

Integrated Assessment of Land Use Options
2011 - 2013

Kagera River Basin: Feasibility Study for an Integrated Watershed Management Programme
2011 - 2012

Water Supply and Sanitation Sector Reform Programme
2011 - 2011

Environment and Natural Resources Management Action Plan in the Upper Shire River Basin
2010 - 2011

Peace Building Project
2010 - 2011

Development of a Water Master Plan
2010 - 2011

Climate Change Vulnerability in Transboundary Basins and Aquifers: Assessment
2009 - 2009

Evaluation of South African Water Governance Project
2009 - 2009

Final Evaluation of Mara River Basin Management Initiative
2009 - 2010

Understanding Water Use in Ica: The Implications of Water Governance and Climate Change for Social Equity and Sustainable Economic Development
2009 - 2009

Dar es Salaam Water Dialogue
2008 - 2008

Implementing a Risk-based Approach Towards Environmental Management
2007 - 2007

The 'WATERMARK' - Developing Accredited Standards for Sustainable Water Use
2007 - 2011

Review of Environmental Impact for Short Rotation Forestry
2005 - 2005

Water and Forestry Support Programme
2003 - 2005

Citarik Watershed Management Project
2001 - 2003

Western Samoa, 1991, Watershed Management and Community Development Project
1991 - 1991

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