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National Climate Change Action Plan - Adaptation Technical Analysis

As part of the National Climate Change Action Planning process LTS led the development of the Adaptation Technical Analysis Report (ATAR) which is the basis for the National Adaptation Plan now under development.

The ATAR provides a framework of adaptation actions which will: reduce vulnerability and manage the impacts of climate variability and climate change; build institutional and human capacity to respond to climate change; address the social impacts including gender, migration and human health and the linkages to disaster preparedness and response; improve the availability and accessibility of climate knowledge and information.

The ATAR has been developed through an intensive consultative and participatory process, using on-line surveys, workshops, consultation exercises, meetings, correspondence and telephone calls. Formal consultations were undertaken with each of the 47 counties. The ATAR was informed and guided by a Thematic Working Group comprising eighteen individuals to represent government technical departments, civil society, and academia.

LTS approached this complex assignment using best practices in risk-based and vulnerability based approaches to adaptation decision-making and planning.

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