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Restructuring of Commercial Forests

The South African government announced that the state-owned timber plantations company, SAFCOL, would be privatized. LTS' support to South Africa's restructuring initiative was a key component of the wider ranging Restructuring Forests in Former Homelands Project, under which DFID supported programmes aimed to alleviate poverty and redress inequality in the former homelands by effectively restructuring the former homelands forests to achieve government policy objectives. The company owned 332,000 hectares of commercial tree plantations and other assets valued at between 1 and 1.5 billion Rand (some $USD 160-250 million). From 2001-2002 LTS provided high-level privatisation and forestry expertise to review options and assist the Department of Public Enterprises to un-block and push through to completion the stalled privatisation of SAFCOL and disposal of the remaining commercial forests.

Department for International Development

Forest Governance

South Africa

2001 - 2002

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