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Project Update: Development of a Water Master Plan for Mauritius

In August 2010 a consortium composed of LTS, Niras and Mega Designs was awarded a contract to develop a water master plan for Mauritius.

The 7 month project was completed in March 2011  and the strategy developed has a firm footing based on water supply development and water management, but goes on to address the future water-energy security of the country as well the need to maintain a dynamic economy through inter sectoral water allocation.

Mauritius has very limited natural resources, but through its diversified economy it has achieved sustained growth and enhanced human well-being. Water is one of the few valuable natural resources in Mauritius and is vital in meeting the changing needs of the economy as well as the people. Whilst water is generally in plentiful supply, seasonal deficits and requirements to meet the needs of the economy have called for a Water Master Plan to be developed. LTS were asked to support the legal component of the Master Plan and in particular to examine the existing water law which dates back to 1863 and to determine how this historic means of water allocation could be brought up to date. The legal analysis indicates that water rights can be reformed on the basis of the historic Act. However, some procedural changes to the law are necessary. A water rights reform programme was designed to enable the government to modernise and rationalise the management of water allocation. This programme starts with a formal census of all existing water rights and a regulation has been passed to enable the census to be conducted. In addition, LTS were asked to develop a “future water strategy” to challenge present thinking and offer a future vision for water management in Mauritius.




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