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Evaluation Management Unit for Forestry, Land-Use and Governance

FLAG is a GBP 32.5 million programme that aims to deliver effective and transparent land-use systems, government accountability at Provincial level, and transparency on land licencing decisions. FLAG supports the improvement of sustainable and responsible business, particularly in palm oil, and promote alternative approaches to large scale deforestation. The EMU will develop and implement an evaluation framework for evaluating the programme at the project and programme levels. The evaluation framework will ensure that the data is gathered and analysed for each project, and then synthesized for the evaluation of the overall programme. LTS is part of a consortium led by Triple Line. LTS will assess the results achieved by FLAG and take care of a learning approach, which will support evidence-based decision making regarding the scale-up or redesign of the interventions.

Department for International Development

Climate Change, M&E


2016 - 2018

M&E, evaluation, Forestry, Land Use Planning