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Congo Basin Forest Fund

LTS provided technical support to the establishment of the Congo Basin Forest Fund (CBFF) Secretariat and its operational systems. The CBFF is a multi donor fund (US$200 million from UK and Norway) set up to take early action to protect the forest in the Congo Basin region. Covering 200 million hectares and including approximately one fifth of the world remaining closed canopy tropical forest, the Congo Basin forests are also a very significant carbon store with a vital role in regulating the regional climate; and harbour diversity of global importance. The Fund supports innovative and transformative initiatives from governments, civil society and private sector institutions to slow the rate of deforestation, through developing the capacity of the people and institutions in the countries of the Congo basin to manage their forest. This includes helping local communities find livelihoods that are consistent with forest conservation and developing new approaches which will bring genuine change and future sustainable management.

African Development Bank, Department for International Development


Democratic Republic of Congo, Cameroon

2008 - 2010

DFID, AfDB, CBFF, forests, administration, management, grant management