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Multi Stakeholder Forestry Programme

The Multi-stakeholder Forestry Programme (MSFP) builds on the achievements of over 20 years of forestry work by the Government of Nepal, supported by the UK, Switzerland and Finland. Community forestry has delivered significant impacts in reducing poverty and in building the capacity of community forest user groups, Government, and non-state actors to improve the sustainability of forest management.

The objective of this assignment is to produce two synthesis papers. The first summarising lessons learnt about the impacts of DFID’s Multi Stakeholder Forestry Programme in Nepal (the Impacts Paper), and the second to assess the effectiveness of the MSFP programme modality in delivering programme outputs and outcomes (the Modality Paper). Each paper is to be no more than ten pages in length and will be complemented by a two page summary paper.

The papers will be used to inform DFID’s Project Completion Report of MSFP. It will also be used to share the experience of MSFP with DFID Advisers, DFID Senior Management and, where appropriate, with the international forestry community. The lessons presented in the papers will be of wider relevance to DFID programming in Nepal and beyond.

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