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Formulation of the Future Cooperation in the Kenyan Forestry Sector

The purpose of the assignment is to design the future Finnish-Kenyan cooperation in the field of forest sector development. This is a continuation of the long collaboration of more than 25 years that the Government of the Kenya and the Government of Finland have had in forest sector development. The most recent collaboration was the 2007-2016 bilateral program “Miti Mingi Maisha Bora – Support to Forest Sector Reform (MMMB)” which is aiming for a “a reduction in poverty through ensuring that the forest sector contributes effectively and sustainably to improving the lives of the poor, restoring the environment, and aiding the economic recovery and growth of Kenya, within the context of Vision 2030.”

The assignment consists of two phases; identification and formulation. During the Identification Phase (May – July), LTS is involved in analysis of different needs and opportunities in the forestry sector. 2 – 3 Concept Notes will be prepared describing different proposals for future cooperation in the Kenyan forestry sector. The concept notes will present clearly different, realistic project alternatives in terms of project approach, strategy and modality. The notes will provide the competent authorities within the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Finland (MFA) and the Government of Kenya an analytical base for decisions on the future cooperation’s strategic scope and approach.

Authorities will analyse the Concept Notes and choose one for development into the programme for cooperation in Kenyan forestry sector. The process to achieve this will involve country missions where interviews with forest actors in Kenya, group discussion and stakeholders’ workshops will be organised. During the Formulation Phase (August – September), LTS will be involved in developing the chosen Concept Note into a draft programme document, which will be submitted to MFA.

The final output of the study was the production of the “Review of Governance of the Forest Sector in Kenya Report”.

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