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Simon Armstrong


MBA (Distinction), University of Edinburgh, 2002; MSc (Distinction) Forestry and its Relation to Land Use, University of Oxford, 1997; and BSc (Hons) Ecological Science, University of Edinburgh, 1993

Simon is a technical forester, consultant and business manager with more than 20 years working on global trade and governance issues in the forestry sector. He has particular expertise in supply chains, both efficiency and chain of custody. Simon’s experience includes inventory, management planning, operational control and budgeting. He has sound experience in conducting due diligence assessments for private sector clients in timber and wood based industries.

He is a highly experienced forestry expert with a strong background in certification and tropical and temperate forest management. Simon is SA 8000 Lead Auditor Course (2011); SA 8000 Auditor Course (2010); and ISO 9001 Lead Auditor Course (2006) qualified with over 10 years experience of accreditation of certification bodies against FSC. Simon has piloted accreditation of Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil certification; developed certification standards for Roundtable on sustainable biofuels – RSB; accreditation of social accountability certification; and implemented certification in commercial operations. Simon is an experienced workshop facilitator and has a proven ability to design effective consultative processes, as demonstrated in stakeholder consultation required during Forest Stewardship Council audit processes.

Simon has a firm understanding of current forestry policy and development issues. Within the context of commercial operations this has required extensive team building and change management skills. He has worked with LTS on long-term assignments in Guyana and Indonesia bridging linkages between government, communities and private operators. Simon has experience in operational management for an Indonesian timber harvesting company and has a robust intellect and educational record with a demonstrable ability to analyse complicated problems and communicate complex ideas. He has vast experience throughout Europe and Asia.

During 1998-2001 Simon was a Senior Consultant at LTS and was a close Associate until 2014 when he re-joined the LTS staff. Simon is a native English speaker with good competency in Bahasa.



Service areas:
climate change