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Philippa Lincoln
Principal Consultant


PhD, University of Aberdeen, 2008; MSc Environmental Forestry, University of Wales, 2003; BSc (Hons) Tropical Environmental Science, University of Aberdeen, 2000.

Philippa is a climate change mitigation expert with a particular focus on REDD+ and 10 years’ experience. Her expertise bridges forest ecology, sustainable forest management, forest-based climate change mitigation, statistical analysis and technical evaluation design. Philippa has strong research skills and extensive current knowledge of climate change mitigation approaches, global and national processes, policies and issues in relation the AFOLU sector, especially REDD+. Philippa is involved in the development and evaluation of forest based emissions mitigation initiatives and projects and is member of the Plan Vivo Standard Technical Advisory Panel. She currently co-ordinates, co-designs and provides technical inputs to a four-year real-time evaluation of Norway’s International Climate and Forest Initiative. Her technical contributions are focused on international and national REDD+ policy, national REDD+ process, MRV, research, civil society and pilot projects and initiatives. She has excellent analytical and project management skills, and values timely and quality delivery of assignments. She has experience of working on forest issues in Africa, Southeast Asia, Central and South America.



Service areas:
climate change