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Nick Berry


PhD Tropical Forest Ecology, University of Leeds, UK (2004-2008)
MRes Ecology and Environmental Management with distinction, University of York, UK (2003-2004)
BSc Biology with first class honours, University of Bristol, UK (1999-2003)

Nicholas is a tropical forest ecologist specialising in assessment and monitoring of carbon stocks, biodiversity and ecosystem services across a range of land use systems. Since his PhD investigating the impacts of selective logging on carbon stocks and biodiversity in Borneo he has combined further research at the University of Edinburgh with work as a consultant developing and assisting projects that aim to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, conserve biodiversity and enhance livelihoods. Over the last 10 years Nicholas has worked in 15 countries in Africa, Southeast Asia and Latin America developing approaches to assess and monitor carbon stocks and biodiversity and linking these to performance-based finance mechanisms. He has developed methodologies and online tools and published academic papers on methods for assessing climate change mitigation and adaptation in forest and agricultural systems; and produced reports and provided training and technical support for a range of international and local NGOs developing REDD+ and Climate Smart Agriculture projects.




    Service areas:
    climate change