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Melvin Woodhouse


BSc (Comb Hons) Environmental Biology / Water Resources, University of Aston (UK), 1981; MSc (Eng) Water Resources Technology, University of Birmingham, 1986; LLM. International Water Law and Policy, University of Dundee, 2002.

Melvin joined LTSI as an Associate Director in November 2009. For most of the past 25 years he lived in Kenya, Tanzania, Ghana and Ethiopia. He began his career as a VSO and went on to work for the African Medical Research Foundation as a water engineer. He has worked as a freelance consultant on long and short term assignments in Africa and elsewhere. In more recent years he has been involved in research and consulting work related to water, environment and law including developing water policy for Chile, Ghana and Puntland Somalia , developing new federal water law for Nigeria, environmental impact law in Mauritania and a number of assignments concerning transboundary water treaties and projects on the Nile, Orange-Senqu and Incomati –Maputo River Basins.His current active research interests include the human right to water, River Basin Organizations, climate change adaptation, green water credits and benefit sharing as an approach water resource management. He was interested to join LTSI to contribute water and legal expertise to managing complex natural resource systems as well to continue to provide specialist consultancy services. In 2012, Melvin moved once again into an Associate role with LTS.

Fluent Kiswahili and Dholuo speaker.



Service areas:
climate change