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Kay Farmer


PhD, University of Stirling (2002); MSc Applied Animal Behaviour, University of Edinburgh (1993), BSc Psychology First Class Honours, London Metropolitan University (1991).

Kay has over 20 years of international experience in biodiversity conservation, working with NGO’s (national and international), the United Nations, and the donor community.

Kay began her career supporting the confiscation and rehabilitation of illegally traded and held wildlife. Seeking a solution for confiscated wildlife, Kay’s PhD focused on the challenging ecological, behavioural and management issues associated with wildlife reintroduction, and she has maintained Honorary Research Fellow status at the University of Stirling since graduating. After her PhD, determined to combat the very need for wildlife reintroduction, Kay’s focus shifted to providing technical, policy, and overall management support to conservation and environmental organisations in developing countries, successfully establishing UNEP’s first post-conflict office and programme in Africa.

Kay has significant experience of travelling and working internationally, including rural and remote locations to more urban environments, and unstable settings. This has provided a working understanding of operating and delivering in challenging logistical and political environments. She has a broad range of experience of establishing, working with, and managing international conservation and environmental projects and programmes. This has led to a strong understanding and working knowledge of the drivers of loss in biodiversity and approaches designed to reverse losses.

In recent years Kay has been working as a UK based independent consultant for a variety of international clients including biodiversity conservation and wildlife welfare practitioners and networks, and the donor community, providing a range of services from research and strategy development, to partnership development and facilitation. Her work increasingly focuses on supporting capacity development and impact evaluation, once again seeking sustainable solutions for biodiversity conservation. Kay joined LTS in 2014 as a Senior Consultant, and now as an LTS Associate, is committed to expanding knowledge of best practices to better deliver biodiversity gains and human development

Service areas:
climate change