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Karen Edwards


MSc Forestry, University of Oxford (UK), 1997

Karen has more than 18 years experience working in Asia, Africa and Europe on participatory forest management, agriculture, community based natural resource management (CBNRM) and governance programmes as a manager, trainer and/or specialist advisor; long-term assignments: Indonesia (5), Malawi (7), Thailand/Asia Regional/International Level (5). Her extensive agricultural field extension work, development of co-management agreements and process support to public administration has required her to be an effective communicator and facilitator. Since 2003 she has worked in Malawi with LTS, and from 2006 she has been Forest Governance Planner for the IFMSLP where she has developed simple practical processes to assess forest resources, user groups, and dependency on forest resources that can be understood by all stakeholders including local communities. Over the years she has been actively involved in assisting field staff in building local institutions for community based natural resource management, developing forest based enterprises, setting up market mechanisms and monitoring governance processes. From 1998-2003 Karen worked for the Regional Centre for Community Forestry managing an Asia-wide governance initiative, had led to extensive knowledge of forestry in over 9 countries, where she initiated partnerships between community forestry practitioners. Karen was also an LTS Community Participation Advisor in Malawi as part of a wider 3-country capacity building programme in forestry funded by Finnish Government.

Service areas:
climate change