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James Sandom


BSc (Hons) Forestry. University College of North Wales,Bangor, 1973.

James is a forest plantations specialist with over 25 years experience with organisations financing forestry in developing countries. His expertise is predominantly with the development and management of forest plantation crops across the tropics; both strategic and hands-on operational management. James has undertaken several capacity audits for chain of custody certification under international forestry standards. This expertise is based on his investigations and involvement in the management of plantations located in Africa to Asia. James is able to provide a balance in management for the protection of biodiversity and nature conservation with wise /appropriate usage of forest lands to meet social needs and commercial opportunities. James was General Manager Forest Products for James Finlay Ltd., an international agri-business with operations in Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, Uganda and Kenya from 2005-2009. He has been working with large and small-holder woodlot issues, and he is familiar with small-scale and community forest management issues. James is an LTS Associate based in Bangkok.

Service areas:
climate change