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New Policy Brief: What the Future Holds – iCoast Policy Brief

One of the outputs of LTS’ iCoast project is the policy brief “What the Future Holds. Visioning as a tool to develop climate compatible development scenarios: tourism as a case study”.


Coastal areas are under increasing pressure from climate change. Half the world’s population lives within 60km of the coast, with the majority in developing countries. Decision makers in these developing countries are expected to balance immediate economic and social needs with long-term strategies for poverty alleviation. They also now face the challenges of making decisions to cope with current and future climate impacts (adaptation) while maintaining a low carbon development pathway (mitigation).

To support policy decisions in Kenya and Sri Lanka, we sought to identify how feasible it would be to incorporate climate compatible development into coastal planning. Here we set out some of the options for achieving an economically beneficial yet secure future in their coastal zones.

This policy brief can now be downloaded here.

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