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Project Update: UNDP Peace Building Project

LTS was selected in March 2010 to provide legal advisory services with respect to transboundary waters and pollution. The UNDP Programme of Assistance to the Palestinian People, is addressing the challenge of safeguarding the environment and protecting public health with respect to cross boundary wastewater. Presently, partially and untreated waste water is flowing downstream across over 10 cross boundary streams between Israel and the occupied Palestinian territory and vice versa. This has direct impacts on the environment and on aquifers used for drinking water.

LTS is working with the Palestinian Water Authority and a legal agreement has been developed to enable the parties to adopt a shared approach to wastewater management and treatment. The agreement was developed with broad input from the Palestinian Authority and has been discussed at the senior technical level with representatives from both parties. The legal agreement provides guiding principles for cooperation and technical matters and a clear basis upon which forms of contracting can now take place. UNDP has so far supported the construction of three joint wastewater management schemes at locations in the West-Bank. The legal agreement adopts recent transboundary principles and practices and applies them to waste-water. At the time of its development there were fewer than five examples of agreements for transboundary wastewater treatment worldwide.

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