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Estimating Cost Elements of REDD+ in Tanzania

Tanzania’s REDD+ process is highly dynamic. The objective  of this innovative upstream policy assignment is to establish the cost curves for REDD+ in several locations in Tanzania, including opportunity cost, transactional cost, institutional cost and implementation costs. A cost curve (also referred to as carbon mitigation cost curve) is a visual representation which shows the size of opportunities for reductions in GHG emissions for different activities in order of cost. Estimating these cost elements provides important information to the process of developing and implementing effective and equitable REDD+ strategies. Knowledge on opportunity costs provides insights into the drivers and causes of deforestation and forest degradation, it can help to identify the impacts of REDD+ programs across social groups, it supports elaboration of fair compensation for those who change their land use practices as part of REDD+. The LTS team will establish cost curves in Tanzania and work with relevant partners implementing pilot projects throughout the country. For more details on the tasks the LTS team are undertaking, please visit the project page here.

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