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New Contract: National REDD+ Strategy Consultation in Liberia

The Development of the National REDD+ Strategy in Liberia is one of the key components of the country’s REDD+ Readiness Preparation Proposal (R-PP) implementation grant and its overall REDD+ readiness process. This assignment is intended to build on the existing work undertaken under Component 2 (Prepare the REDD-plus Strategy) of the R-PP, more specifically on the assessment of land use, forest law, policy and governance and further developing the ten REDD+ strategy options proposed. Following this task, the LTS team will lead the consultations with REDD+ stakeholders in Liberia to develop a national REDD+ strategy in an inclusive and transparent manner, including a roadmap to implement the strategy.

Through an in-depth consultative approach, the LTS team will:

  • quantitatively analyse different land use options in forested and mixed agricultural lands;
  • propose, assess and prioritise REDD+ strategy options, as well as estimate their expected costs and benefits;
  • analyse the policy, legal and institutional frameworks for REDD+; and
  • prepare a roadmap for the implementation of the strategy.
Service areas:
climate change