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CPET Transferred to New Operator

The delivery of the CPET service has been transferred, after seven very successful years with Proforest, to a new team. Efeca as leading delivery partner, through the LTS managed FGMC consortium, will take on the delivery of CPET from 1st October, 2012.

The Central Point of Expertise (CPET) has been operated by Proforest since its establishment by Defra in 2005. CPET provides advice, support and communication on the Government’s Timber Procurement Policy, EU Timber and FLEGT Regulations. In light of developing a policy on sustainable procurement, Defra is expanding the CPET service to include palm oil and sustainable woodfuel, effective from 1st October when Efeca-LTS take over operations.

Jonathan Tillson, Deputy Director Sustainable Products and Procurement, Defra commented:  “We would like to thank Proforest for the excellent CPET service they have provided over the last seven years and look forward to working with Efeca-LTS as the new contractors.”

Neil Judd, Director at Proforest said; “Proforest is very proud to have run CPET for the last seven years, working closely with Defra to establish the organisation as a global benchmark for the effective implementation of sustainable public procurement policies. CPET’s role in providing reliable technical advice, combined with a practical approach to application and a highly commended training programme, has been crucial in enabling the UK government’s timber procurement policy to deliver real change across supply chains in the UK. Proforest will continue to use our unique expertise and experience to support the responsible sustainable sourcing of timber, oil palm and other commodities around the world.”

Emily Fripp, Managing Director at Efeca commented: “We look forward to continuing the excellent work of CPET to date and are delighted to have the opportunity to further expand the service to palm oil and woodfuel. Working in partnership with public buyers and key stakeholders including the wider trade, we believe in CPET’s ability to help strengthen the drive in sustainable consumption and production of forest and agricultural commodities, in the UK and globally.”

Patrick Abbot, Managing Director of LTS International Ltd added: “with the UK Government’s continued support for implementation of the Timber Procurement Policy and in the light of upcoming FLEGT licenses and implementation of the new EU Timber Regulation we expect CPET to be particularly important as a source of advice, information and insight for public sector buyers and their suppliers to support compliance with the UK Government’s Timber Procurement Policy and related Government Buying Standards. Combined with its extended scope, the profile of CPET is set to grow. LTS and our lead partners Efeca are pleased to be involved in the CPET at this important time.”

New home for CPET!

Please note that as CPET has moved to Efeca-LTS. The new contact details are

Tel:    01305 236 100

Email:  cpet@efeca.com

Website: www.cpet.org.uk

Service areas:
climate change