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Contract Award: Green Growth Development Strategy for Uganda

LTS is providing technical support to the government of Uganda in developing Uganda’s Green Growth Development Strategy on behalf of UNDP. The strategy is intended to address Uganda’s contribution to global climate change and global greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions by assisting the government, businesses, and others in establishing the key enabling conditions and tools needed to participate in emerging international GHG management frameworks and meet obligations under the Copenhagen Accord, as reaffirmed during the UN climate conference in Cancun in December 2010.

The Programme focuses on building capacity for Measurement, Reporting, and Verification (MRV) of GHG emissions, market readiness for increased financing and private sector investment in emissions reduction activities.

LTS will develop a green growth development strategy integrated to national circumstances and priorities to address future challenges transferable to and actionable by national authorities. LTS will prioritise local participation and know how, as well as political support and buy-in. We will undertake data collection and analysis through stakeholder consultations and validations and iterative reporting processes.

Service areas:
climate change