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Collaborative Management Task Force - Institutional Specialist
Forest Resources Management and Conservation Programme (Appraisal and Formulation)
Uganda, Natural Forest Management & Conservation Project - Evaluation
Evaluation of Support to National Authorising Office
Kagera River Basin: Feasibility Study for an Integrated Watershed Management Programme
Support to Forestry Services for Commerical Tea Company
Linking National Forest Programme to Poverty Reduction Strategies
Scoping Mission: Department for International Development Engagement in Climate Change
Forest Resources and Conservation Management Programme
Plan Vivo System
Forest Sector Policy and Strategy Project
Business Planning for Forestry
Programme on Capacity Building for National Forest Programmes
Assessment Study of the Vi Agroforestry Programme
Climate Change Vulnerability and Adaptation Preparedness in Eastern Africa
Review of the Forestry Sector
REDD+ Readiness Preparation Proposal
Sawlog Production Grant Scheme (Phase II)
Forest Governance Learning Group
Evaluation of the Department for International Development's Ten Year Renewable Natural Resources Research Programme
Mount Elgon Regional Ecosystem Conservation Programme
Scoping of a High-Deforesting Multi-country Programme for the Africa Regional Department
Planning for Resilience in East Africa through Policy, Adaptation, Research, and Economic Development
Nile Story
Mid-term Review and Planning for the Norwegian-funded Conservation Farming Unit Programme
Tracking Adaptation and Measuring Development
Uganda Green Growth Development Strategy
Independent M&E of the Northern Uganda Transforming the Economy through Climate Smart Agribusiness (NU-TEC)
William Apted
GIS Consultant
Patrick Abbot
Managing Director
Scott Geller
Business Development Director
Kirsti Thornber
Principal Consultant
Irene Karani
Director, LTS Africa
John Mayhew
Victoria Pinion
Michael Gachanja
Principal Consultant, LTS Africa
Kirsty Wilson
Principal Consultant