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Integrated Flood Risk Management Plan for Malawi's Shire Basin
Regional Climate Change Programme
Assessments of Applications to the International Development Fund Malawi and South Asia
Linking National Forest Programme to Poverty Reduction Strategies
Policy Options for Strengthening the Management of Miombo Woodlands to Meet Household Needs in Southern Africa
Support to Forestry College Curriculum Revision
Social Forestry Training and Extension Project
Programme on Capacity Building for National Forest Programmes
Privatisation of Commercial Forest Plantations
Malawi, National Forestry Programme - Working Group on Co-management of Forest Resources
Climate Change Adaptation Project
Implementation Service Provider for Catchment Management
Enhancing Community Resilience Programme: M&E Services
Integrated Assessment of Land Use Options
Integrated Flood Risk Management Plan for the Shire Basin
Environment and Natural Resources Management Action Plan in the Upper Shire River Basin
Improved Forest Management for Sustainable Livelihoods Programme
Reducing Emissions from Deforestation and Forest Degradation in Developing Countries Horizon
Forest Governance Learning Group
Selection and Trial of Species for Farm and Village Woodlots
Scoping of a High-Deforesting Multi-country Programme for the Africa Regional Department
SADC Regional Vulnerability Assessment and Analysis Programme
Environmental and Natural Resources Management Interventions in the Middle Shire River Basin
Mid-term Review and Planning for the Norwegian-funded Conservation Farming Unit Programme
Analysis of Drivers of Deforestation and Forest Degradation in Malawi
Strengthening the Information Base of Natural Habitats, Biodiversity and Environmental Services in the Shire Basin
Mid-term Review of Malawi Livelihood programs
William Apted
GIS Consultant
Eilidh Young
Darwin M&E Programme Administrator and Applications Manager
Patrick Abbot
Managing Director
Benoit Rivard
Senior Consultant, LTSM Chitukuko
Lesley King
Senior Consultant
Scott Geller
Business Development Director
Kirsti Thornber
Principal Consultant
Hannah Betts
Philippa Lincoln
Principal Consultant
John Mayhew
Victoria Pinion
Kirsty Wilson
Principal Consultant