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Global Climate Change Alliance: Building Capacity and Knowledge on Climate Change Resilient Actions
Promoting Autonomous Adaptation at the Community Level
Climate Change Vulnerability in Transboundary Basins and Aquifers: Assessment
Fact-Finding and Identification Mission for Finnish Regional Forestry Programme
Awash Conservation and Development Project
Programme-level Monitoring and Evaluation Services for the Strategic Climate Institutions Programme and Climate High Level Investment Programme
Climate Change Adaptation Project
Climate Change Strategic Programme Review
Productive Safety Net Programme and Household Asset Building Programme: Climate Smart Initiative
M&E Support to a Market-Based Resilience Building Programme
North Shewa Rural Reclamation and Development Programme
Addis-Bah Fuelwood Project
Baseline Studies for Fuelwood Project in the Blue Nile Catchment
National Fuelwood Programme
Appraisal of the Norway Climate Partnership in Support of the Ethiopian Climate Resilient Green Economy
Real-time Evaluation of Norway's International Climate and Forest Initiative: Measurement, Reporting and Verification
Tracking Adaptation and Measuring Development
Final evaluation of Non Timber Forest Products-Participatory Forest Management project in SW Ethiopia
Mid Term Review of A New Approach to the Conservation of Wild Coffea arabica in South-West Ethiopia: Exploring the Potential of Participatory Forest Management
Nile Story
Preparation of the Comprehensive Climate Resilient Green Economy National Capacity Support Programme
Development of a Pipeline Programme and Investment Strategy to Access the Green Climate Fund
M&E Support to the Market Opportunities in the Somali Region of Ethiopia (MORE) project
Background Paper and Analysis of Country Data to Support Development of Comprehensive Landscape Methodological Approach
Study of Value Chain Development under the Sustainable Land Management Programme (SLMP) II in Ethiopia
Portfolio Review and Gap Analysis for the Multi-Sectoral Investment Plan for Climate Resilience
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