New Contract: National REDD+ Strategy Consultation in Liberia

The Development of the National REDD+ Strategy in Liberia is one of the key components of the country’s REDD+ Readiness Preparation Proposal (R-PP) implementation grant and its overall REDD+ readiness process. This assignment is intended to build on the existing work undertaken under Component 2 (Prepare the REDD-plus Strategy) of the R-PP, more specifically on the assessment of land use, forest law, policy and governance and further developing the ten REDD+ strategy options proposed. Following this task, the LTS team will lead the consultations with REDD+ stakeholders in Liberia to develop a national REDD+ strategy in an inclusive and transparent manner, including a roadmap to implement the strategy.

Through an in-depth consultative approach, the LTS team will:

  • quantitatively analyse different land use options in forested and mixed agricultural lands;
  • propose, assess and prioritise REDD+ strategy options, as well as estimate their expected costs and benefits;
  • analyse the policy, legal and institutional frameworks for REDD+; and
  • prepare a roadmap for the implementation of the strategy.

Evaluation of Denmark’s Climate Change Funding for Developing Countries

Danish International climate change funding supports Denmark’s contribution to Fast Start Finance initially after the non-binding agreement at the UNFCCC COP15. Denmark also provides additional financing for mitigation and adaptation to climate change in developing countries. From 2008 to 2012 the Danish commitment has been about 1.5 billion DKK and a similar amount is expected to be committed from 2013 to 2015.

The team will conduct an independent evaluation of the Danish climate change funding to developing countries. The evaluation shall provide evidence of the outcomes of the climate change funding for forthcoming international policy dialogue on climate change and provide evidence for design and implementation of any future Danish support to climate change finance in developing countries, including addressing climate change in future Danida supported country programmes.

LTS is providing the following services:

  • Development of a Theory Based Evaluation Design
  • Development of the portfolio level theory of change and some intervention level theories of change
  • Development of Evaluation Framework, including Key Evaluation Questions and Indicators, in line with the OECD/DAC criteria
  • Development of Survey Instruments (Project Documentation Review Guide and Review Template; Semi-structured Interview Guide)
  • Leading field work in Kenya, Denmark and Vietnam
  • Responsibility for Analysis and synthesis across all the contributing studies (up to 6 contributing studies) and development of the final synthesis report
  • Presentation of the report conclusions and recommendations in Copenhagen
  • Coordination and management of a complex evaluation, including international team all working in separate locations

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